Housing & Residential

Housing & Residential

Cost & time savings for residential builders

With the rising costs of building materials and a universal shortage of skilled workers, often coupled with the need to construct on brownfield and marginal land, residential developers need solutions that increase their bottom line and allow them to build faster and more safely. They also need to balance those cost and time savings with environmental requirements and the aesthetic needs of local stakeholders and the eventual owners and residents 

Tensar’s proven technology helps make the most of all available land, reduce costs and materials, and speed up construction, meeting the challenges of sustainability and climate change resilience. 


Design with confidence, from anywhere.

The TensarPave design program allows design engineers to rapidly produce pavement designs, for both paved and unpaved roads. Using Tensar geogrids to stabilise the unbound layers will maximise the cost benefits that can be attained by reducing the pavement thickness.

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