TensarTech® GreenSlope System

75% Potential Cost Saving Compared to Retaining Wall Construction
3 Component System
45°-70° Slope Face Angle
  • Naturally vegetated, steep-slope earth retaining system – designed and supplied from a single reliable source
  • Creates stable steepened slopes up to 70° batter
  • Rapid and economic construction
  • A wide range of embankment fill materials can be used; cohesive soils, recycled materials and site-won fill.

When space allows, steep vegetated slopes offer an attractive and lower cost option than vertical earth retaining walls. The TensarTech GreenSlope System is used for construction of stable soil embankments with a slope face angle up to 70°. Cost savings of up to 70% can be achieved, compared to a conventional concrete retaining wall. 

System Components

The stability of the TensarTech GreenSlope structure is provided by reinforcing the embankment with Tensar uniaxial geogrids placed horizontally within the fill. The slope face is supported by durable steel mesh units positively secured to the geogrid reinforcement using Tensar’s high strength bodkin connection. The facing units are lined during installation with an appropriate erosion mat, to help establish the chosen vegetative cover to the slope face.  


Design Software for TensarTech® GreenSlope System

The TensarSoil design program allows the design engineer to produce designs for reinforced soil walls, slopes and bridge abutments.

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Single Source Solution  

The components of the TensarTech GreenSlope system have been specifically designed to work together for optimum efficiency and performance. High quality welded mesh panels, polymer bodkins for high strength connection, face liner and Tensar uniaxial geogrids work together to form a reinforced soil slope system that meets or exceeds the industry standard.  Tensar’s experienced engineers, using our sophisticated TensarSoil software, can provide everything from free application suggestions to a full design and supply service. 

Proven Solution for Steep Embankment Slopes 

The rapid, economical construction – often requiring no specialist construction skills – delivers the cost effectiveness and versatility of the TensarTech GreenSlope System and offers clients, specifiers and contractors many advantages over other earth retaining construction methods, such as a reinforced concrete, gabion or crib walls. These advantages include the option to use site-won or recycled granular fill materials. The system also offers high tolerance of differential settlement, high resistance to earthquake loading  and a low bearing pressure which may avoid expensive foundation treatment . Lastly, the system is durable, requiring little or no maintenance and offers attractive, natural vegetation.  

Good Advice – Naturally 

Selecting suitable plant or grass varieties for a specific project is essential. The advice of a local horticulturalist can ensure that varieties are chosen that are appropriate to the climate, location, slope angle and aspect of a particular structureIn addition, they can advise on establishment procedures and any irrigation requirements in more arid regions. The type and layer thickness of topsoil or alternative growing medium can be specified and accommodated in the design.  

Structural and Landscape Options

Whether you’re increasing usable land or improving property value, the TensarTech GreenSlope systems can solve your most challenging earth retaining requirements. From building large load bearing embankments to small, tiered garden installations, TensarTech GreenSlope can blend effortlessly with the natural surroundings of any site.