2023 Tensar x MRP Webinar Series 2: Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls, Introduction and Experience from UAE

Sandhya will present an outline of the background to the design of reinforced soil retaining walls, sharing her experience working in the UAE and illustrating general points made in the presentation. The use of modular block retaining walls and other forms of facing will be discussed, along with input parameters required for the design of reinforced soil retaining walls. The presentation will cover reinforcement design conditions, testing and durability of polymer geogrid reinforcement, connection parameters, and design procedures for reinforced soil retaining walls. Sandhya's experience in the Middle East, particularly in the UAE, will be introduced, including extraordinary structures built using reinforced soil techniques and common design methods. Various projects in the UAE, such as highways, bypass roads, and safari developments, will be highlighted, along with the challenges faced and the design methods adopted. The webinar will also cover the design of trust relief structures, luxury residential complex development, and the use Tensar retaining walls system in the UAE.

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