Helping rail authorities stretch budgets further  

Rail Authorities across the globe face the monumental task of building and maintaining the railway networks that move passengers and freight across nations and continents. Rail Engineers designing new railway seek to deliver safer, better, longer-lasting railways more economically, more sustainably and with greater climate resilience. Those responsible for maintaining existing rail networks face a widening gap between the needs of a deteriorating network and squeezed maintenance budgets. 

With materials and labour costs continuously rising and the scope of their responsibilities consistently expanding, how do rail authorities keep up? Tensar helps railway authorities stretch trackbed, earthworks, and bridgeworks budgets further, by using our proven technologies supported by Tensar expertise and software. 


Design with confidence, from anywhere.

The TensarPave design program allows design engineers to rapidly produce pavement designs, for both paved and unpaved roads. Using Tensar geogrids to stabilise the unbound layers will maximise the cost benefits that can be attained by reducing the pavement thickness.

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