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Commerical & Industrial

Solutions to speed construction & lower costs

The rising costs of construction materials and labour shortages in the commercial and industrial sectors currently make economic solutions tough to achieve Delays caused by weak or variable site conditions increase project costs, slow down construction schedules and lead to future maintenance issues. However, many projects need to be built on sites with these less-than-desirable soil condition 

Tensar provides technology-driven solutions with advanced soil stabilisation techniques, incorporating high-performance, patented products. Our team brings proven engineered solutions to standard design practices. With over 10,000 successful projects worldwide, we can address a wide range of site development challenges. 


Design with confidence, from anywhere.

The TensarPave design program allows design engineers to rapidly produce pavement designs, for both paved and unpaved roads. Using Tensar geogrids to stabilise the unbound layers will maximise the cost benefits that can be attained by reducing the pavement thickness.

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