Seih Al Bardi Park

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

TensarTech® TR2 on Safari

Tensar’s TensarTech TR2 reinforced soil wall system was the ideal solution for creating new landscapes at the largest safari park outside of Africa.


  • 50% cost savings compared with reinforced concrete walls
  • Natural looking landscape created with 80° slopes faced with sprayed concrete
  • Reduced environmental impact by enabling the use of locally sourced fill
Client Challenges

Animal enclosures built as part of the expansion of the Seih Al Bardi Park included 145 raised ‘islands’ to create a natural-looking landscape. The original plan was to build the islands’ perimeter slopes from reinforced concrete. However, there were concerns these would be expensive and challenging to build, given the irregular slope profiles, with a high environmental impact, so an alternative was sought.

Tensar Solution

TensarTech TR2 reinforced soil wall system was chosen to form the 3m to 6m high, 80° slopes. These were then covered with sprayed concrete to create natural-looking rock faces. With a 120- year design life, TensarTech TR2 was flexible enough to form the irregular slope profiles; plus it made slope construction faster and more economical than reinforced concrete. Environmental impact was also lower, particularly as TensarTech TR2 enabled locally-sourced materials to be used as structural fill to form the islands.

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