SENTX Landfil

South East New Territories, Hong Kong

Innovating Sustainability

Sierra® Slope retention system is a sustainable and cost-effective solution that stabilises slopes in areas with varying elevations, preventing damage to infrastructure, property, and human life whilst improving stability and aesthetics.


  • Ease of installation as the lightweight facing was easily transported
  • Enhanced durability against weathering and corrosion degradation
  • Proven savings in construction, transportation and storage costs
Client's Challenges

The development of the project required a new access road next to the existing town gas facility. Due to significant changes in ground level between the access road and the existing town gas facility, Steep Reinforced Soil Slope was needed to provide accessibility while staying within budget.

Tensar Solutions

Tensar worked with the consulting engineer and contractor to provide a cost-effective, durable, and attractive solution to the problem using the Sierra® Slope retaining system. It was also capable of being designed and constructed using Type I fill material in accordance with Geoguide 6.