Phu My ICD, Heavy Duty Pavements

Ba Ria, Vung Tau, Vietnam

More performance with less cost

The client needed to construct one inland container depot (ICD), approximately 37.8 ha. in order to provide services such as transshipment, storage, warehousing, customs clearance, loading and unloading. The project’s key objective is to ensure a high performance road network for cargo transportation.


  1. Cost reduction from thinner pavement design in granular material used.
  2. Increase in pavement design life compared to the original design
  3. Mitigate differential settlement on soft ground treated with cement deep mixing (CDM)
Client's Challenges

The road network inside the depot serves the transportation of predominantly super heavy cargo. The client sought a pavement optimization solution that can withstand approximately 2.5 million tons of cargo per year during the first five years (first phase) and 5 million tons of cargo per year during the subsequent 10 years (after the first phase).

Tensar Solutions

After comparing several options, Tensar’s mechanical stabilization solution was chosen for its cost reduction and its ability to increase the structure’s performance. Tensar Stabilisation geogrids were incorporated into the aggregate base course to extend the pavement’s service life and improve its bearing capacity. Additionally, the mechanically stabilised layers effectively mitigate potential differential settlement, a common issue in areas treated by cement deep mixing (CDM) column. Two years after construction, the pavement structure remains in good condition, capable of serving heavy-duty transportation in this port.