Rantoul Foods Delivery Roadway Construction

Rantoul, IL

Long-term concrete pavement performance and cost savings achieved using Tensar® InterAx™ geogrid


  • The Owner saved an estimated $226,000 by using InterAx geogrid compared to conventional methods.
Client's Challenge

Rantoul Foods was undergoing an expansion of its building and grounds. A daily, continuous flow of semi trucks delivering livestock required a paved road designed to stand the test of time. High quality construction techniques prevailed throughout construction of the new facility and so the same high quality was expected for the new Portland cement roadway.

Tensar Solution

A mechanically stabilized base incorporating InterAx NX850 geogrid was used to ensure long life of the new delivery roadway. Placing geogrid below the aggregate base course of the concrete pavement improved joint performance and decreased the amount of aggregate base needed. The Owner achieved a cost savings and less maintenance is expected over time due to better joint performance. Jeff Swan. President of Integrity Concrete remarked, “The geogrid rolled out easily. It helped make the operator’s job easier. Put it in and the subgrade doesn’t pump. Geogrid under Portland cement pavement. This is high-tech road building.”