Charlemont Square Development

Dublin, Ireland

A piling platform was needed for this mixed-use 7-storey block, part of Charlemont Square, a high-end development in a prestigious central quarter of Dublin. The designer used Tensar+™ software and a mechanically stabilised layer solution, to drastically reduce the working platform thickness, thereby saving cost and reducing truck deliveries in a busy area. 


  • A 50% thickness reduction in the working platform, saving €5,000 in material costs 
  • 60 fewer truck deliveries into a busy city centre location 
  • A estimated 40% C02 reduction due to reduced aggregate volumes 
Client's Challenge

The ground conditions were challenging with variable loose made ground over soft clay. The initial piling platform design required a thick layer of aggregate. The designer, CP Consulting needed to reduce the cost and disruption from importing this material.

Tensar Solution

CS Consulting were able to use Tensar+™ software to design the working platform. Their design for a mechanically stabilised layer incorporating Tensar InterAx geogrid was 50% thinner than the non stabilised alternative. Tensar InterAx, Tensar’s next generation geogrid, offered the greatest saving in thickness.