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Construction Support for a Sustainable Future  

With increasing global focus on renewably energy sources, infrastructure development for wind, solar and other renewable generation has become a growth marketLocation of these facilities is often away from the existing road network and in remote areas tough to access Difficult ground conditions are common  peat bogs on moorland windfarm sites, soft marine deposits below offshore wind assembly yards, poorly drained former agricultural land for solar farms. And to make matters more difficult, some renewable projects, like wind farms, require access roads and construction platforms to support extremely heavy crane loads. 

Tensar can help owners, engineers, and contractors save money and time on constructing access roads, assembly yards, crane operating platforms and other structures essential to renewable energy projects. Our proven solutions have been used for wind farms, shore based support areas, solar farms, and more  

Image of Subgrade Stabilisation

Subgrade Stabilisation

Soft soils and poor site conditions are common locations typically available for renewable projects. Repeated traffic across these weak subgrade soils will quickly lead to rutting, resulting in continual maintenance issues, lost project time and money wasted.  

Fortunately, Tensar geogrid is a proven soil stabilisation solution that is more cost-effective to construct with than other methods. Construction savings of up to 50% can be realised due to reduced aggregate alone. It also improves site performance, reduces future maintenance costs, does not affect the site hydrology and minimises environmental impact; providing a greener alternative to chemical stabilisation. 


Image of Access Roads and Working Platforms

Access Roads and Working Platforms 

Renewable energy projects can’t be completed without access roads and working platforms capable of supporting the transit, storage and assembly of heavy equipment and parts. These must often be constructed over soft and varieble soils. Smooth, clean, problem free access roads facilitate problem free construction. Weak subgrades pose the greatest challenge to the performance of access roads and unpaved areas.  

With Tensar geogrid, you can push on over the weakest of soils, at the same time reducing the required aggregate thickness necessary to construct a sturdy access road or platform, saving on costs and construction time.  


Image of Crane Operating Areas

Crane Operating Areas 

Safety is critical when moving, assembling, and operating mobile cranes on construction sites. A safe working platform: smooth, clean and free of ruts is essential, particularly over weak and variable ground. 

Tensar has solutions for the construction of safe crane access platforms over weaker soils. These comprise either a mechanically stabilised foundation layer incorporating multiple layers of Tensar geogrid, or a TensarTech cellular foundation mattress to provide a stiff strong platform. 



Design with confidence, from anywhere.

The TensarPave design program allows design engineers to rapidly produce pavement designs, for both paved and unpaved roads. Using Tensar geogrids to stabilise the unbound layers will maximise the cost benefits that can be attained by reducing the pavement thickness.

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