Jeddah Waterfront Circuit Project

Jeddah, United Arab Emirates

Tensar helps stabilise Jeddah Waterfront Circuit Project

In 2021, Formula 1 made its first visit to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. Constructing a track positioned along the banks of the Red Sea, meant low strength soils and high water tables were concerns that needed to be addressed.


  • Improved soil bearing capacity with Tensar MSL
  • Stable race track from stablised soil
Client Challenges

The Jeddah racing circuit, positioned close to the Red Sea, was constructed over very weak, silty soils with a high water table. The concern was that capillary rise of the ground water into the track could cause instability in the finished construction. The tight tolerances required for high speed race tracks also meant that the track construction required stabilisation.

Tensar Solution

A Tensar mechanically stabilised layer (MSL) was developed for inclusion in the final track construction, to address the capillary problem. Additionally, the well graded granular fill incorporating the Tensar stabilisation geogrid was able to cater for initial construction trafficking and to provide stability to the finished track layout.