Tensar® AR-GN

25 Years of Successful Project Use
2 Layer Composite Interlayer Product
3 Functions; Reinforcement, Stress-relief and Waterproofing
  • One of a range of Tensar of asphalt interlayer products – offering the right products for specific problems
  • AR-GN serves three functions of reinforcement (load transfer), stress relief and interlayer barrier (waterproofing)
  • Controls cracking in asphalt to extend pavement life

Tensar AR-GN is a composite asphalt interlayer product, comprising a stiff high-profile grid thermally-bonded to a fabric that together provide the triple interlayer functions of reinforcement, stress absorption (SAMI) and interlayer barrier (waterproofing) [TO1] once saturated with bitumen during installation.


Typically installed under the asphalt binder course or the asphalt base course layers, the Tensar AR-GN interlayer’s high-profile grid mechanically interlocks with the asphalt layers to provide reinforcement-restricting lateral movement of the asphalt matrix.

The Benefits of Tensar AR-GN

Tensar AR-GN controls reflective cracking and mitigates differential settlement cracking between new and existing lanes on widened roads, as well as reducing surface rutting by restricting lateral movement of asphalt. 

How does Tensar AG-GN deliver three functions?

The product is composed of a stiff polypropylene grid, factory-bonded to a polypropylene paving fabric. The grid controls strains in the overlay through interlock with the asphalt mix due to the high-profile ribs, providing a structural reinforcing effect. The fabric aids installation, and together with the bitumen absorbed from the bond coat, provides a stress relief effect (stress absorbing membrane interlayer - SAMI) and interlayer barrier against ingress of moisture and oxygen. The product functions of reinforcing, stress relief and interlayer barrier are as defined in EN 15381.

Validated Performance

The performance of Tensar AR asphalt interlayer reinforcement products has been demonstrated both through laboratory testing and more than 25 years of field experience.  Multiple case studies are available, highlighting the use of the products to solve asphalt problems across the globe.