ITC Corridor

Van Buren Township, Michigan

Tensar® InterAx™ Geogrid Eliminates Undercut Below Pavement

Client's Challenge

A semi-trailer parking and storage area was planned to be constructed over an existing stormwater detention pond.  The subgrade soils within the existing pond area were soft, with CBR’s as low as 1.5%. The owner of the site was concerned that the underlying soils would cause premature failure of the proposed asphalt pavement under the heavy truck loads.

Tensar Solution

After comparing several options, the project team selected the InterAx NX750 geogrid to be placed below the 14” aggregate base. Using InterAx, stability over the challenging subgrade soils was achieved without any additional undercutting or aggregate. The solution also met the long-term goals of the owner, ensuring the pavement would last over its expected life with minimal maintenance.