Dai Nam, Vietnam

Binh Duong Province, Vietnam

A Tensar asphalt reinforcement interlayer provided a high-performing surface for a new motorcycle race circuit at Dai Nam Park in Vietnam. 


  • High performance pavement for motorcycle racing
  • Increased operational life and reduced maintenance in a tropical climate
  • Installation by non-specialist workforce
Client's Challenge

Dai Nam Park motorcycle circuit needed an asphalt wear course capable of coping with high trafficking loads from rapid acceleration and aggressive riding during races. It also had to meet strict deformation criteria, be low maintenance and have a long working life. Plus, it had to be robust enough to cope with the local tropical climate.

Tensar Solution

A total of 60,000m2 of Tensar AR-GN composite grid was laid under the asphalt wear course. This Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlayer increased pavement strength, enabling it to carry the expected high trafficking loads. This minimised track maintenance and extended pavement life. Tensar supervised installation, carried out by the contractor’s own non-specialist workforce, to ensure it met specification.