Image of Webinar on "Practical unpaved road solution using Lees-Han Method on Tensar+"
This is a past event.

Webinar on "Practical unpaved road solution using Lees-Han Method on Tensar+"

  • Date: Thursday, April 18, 2024
  • Time: 3.00PM - 4.00PM

Event Overview

Designing for temporary access road can be challenging due to the great uncertainty and overwhelming pressure to keep costs low. Engineers are also facing poor ground conditions more frequently and further increasing the challenge of sustainable construction with limited resources.  

In this session, Ir Lau will introduce the new design methodology, Lees-Han Method. This method enables the engineers to have complete control over the design allowing for consideration of wheel contact area, wheel wander, subgrade-type and road deformation from the traffic imposed. Engineers are able to predict the pavement performance more accurately and precisely which can results in cost, time, and carbon savings by using our free, cloud-based design software, Tensar+.  
Join Ir Lau as he shares the insights on Lees-Han Method and the unpaved road trafficking performance over marine deposits in Malaysia. Attendees are encouraged to register for Tensar+ prior to the event. 

About the Speaker

Ir Lau received his Bachelor of Engineering with Honors BEng (Hons) First Class Honors from the University of Putra Malaysia. He is a registered Professional Engineer with BEM and is a corporate member of IEM. He also serves the Technical Division of Geotechnical Engineering (GETD) in IEM as a co-opted committee. Upon graduation, he served as a Design Engineer in the geotechnical division of a consultancy firm and was actively involved in design and project management work. His experience includes the design and construction of earthwork, ground improvement work, shallow and deep foundation and basement, slope stability analysis, retaining structures, and highway alignment. Ir Lau serves as the Design Manager at Tensar International Limited and is responsible for the EA region. He specializes in soil stabilization, reinforced soil structures, and advanced geotechnics. 

Presenters and Attendees

Image of Ir Lau Joe Jiunn

Ir Lau Joe Jiunn

Design Manager - East Asia | Tensar