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Reduce your construction CO2 emissions with environmental and cost benefits for your project

Tensar’s Carbon Calculator using Tensar TriAx® geogrids estimates the percentage construction CO2 saving by comparing a Tensar mechanically stabilised layer (MSL), evaluated using the TensarPave™ Ground Stabilisation design method, with a non-stabilised unbound granular layer of equivalent performance.

To calculate your construction CO2 savings using Tensar’s Carbon Calculator, simply enter the data presented on your Tensar Application Suggestion or on your own TensarPave™ software output.

To know all of the facts, performance and cost benefits for your project using a Tensar MSL incorporating Tensar TriAx geogrids visit our dedicated Carbon Calculator page for the latest information.

Tensar’s Carbon Calculator has been developed and checked by Coffey Geotechnics and their assumptions published accordingly.


(1) When using the Tensar carbon calculator, the traffic input in TensarPave should be set to “Calculate from areas” and then the area value displayed in TensarPave should be used directly in the carbon calculator input

(2) The function of the stabilised layer in TensarPave should be set to “Support surfacing (40mm deformation)” in order to provide a representative comparison in the carbon calculator

(3) In the case of pavements which require two or more layers of TX geogrids, it is likely that the “achieved ESAL” will be significantly higher than the “required ESAL”. In this case the carbon calculator prediction of carbon emission savings will be on the conservative (low) side

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