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Tensar have developed a new approach to the design of working platforms for tracked plant. Following the guidance of the authors of the extensively used BR470 guide to good practice, the Tensar “T-Value” method applies extensive credible and representative research to these important temporary works resulting in potentially much thinner platform thicknesses across a wide range of soil and loading conditions, even those beyond the scope of BR470.

The methodology has been peer reviewed here with real project examples demonstrating its practical application here

On the assumption that your platform will be constructed using a well graded, hard, compacted granular fill with a maximum particle size of 125mm and you know the strength of your sub-grade soils, the calculator below will give you an illustration of the Tensar platform thickness required based on the inputs and the factors of safety recommended in BR470. In addition to this, the calculator will also deliver estimated cost, time and carbon saving.

Please note, the calculator is designed for use with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Please do not use Internet Explorer as the calculator will not work correctly.

If you require a full design proposal from Tensar, you can send your PDF output from the 'Your Results' page to us via our Live Chat or email

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