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Landfill Liner Support

What Tensar geogrids can do

In such cases, Tensar geogrids can be used to form steep reinforced soil bunds constructed against the quarry face, and the face of the reinforced soil bund can be selected to provide the structural support needed to create the ideal surface for the lining system. These bunds are often formed in 3m to 4m high lifts and raised progressively as the lining system and waste is placed. The bunds are often faced with proprietary smooth polystyrene blocks. Steep reinforced soil bunds can also be built to form internal cell walls. Face angles can be varied to suit site needs.

Whatever your landfill project, we can help

Tensar’s innovative technology has been used in projects worldwide, and a range of case studies and brochures is available. We can also provide full technical support including expert advice, specifications, drawings, certified designs and details of pricing, and we regularly run free workshops across the globe. Specific services are available by contract. 

Get Tensar Technology on your side

Landfills are often sited in disused quarries and to maximise usable volume, the quarry’s sides and rock faces are left very steep. Engineered landfills need to be properly lined to contain gases and leachate in order to prevent damage and maintain its integrity; these lining systems need to be installed on a smooth, stable surface.

How you benefit

Using Tensar geogrids can have several benefits:

Help maintain the integrity of the liner system:  a stable, smooth face for the liner installation, avoids local tensile strains in the liner which is a major cause of leakage.

Reduce the environmental risks: A well installed lining system will help to ensure long-term containment and prevent potential environmental damage  

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