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Foundations over Piles

When you have to build embankments over weak foundation soils which are too deep to viably excavate and you can’t afford any significant  settlement  – such as adjacent to sensitive structures – the embankments usually need to be constructed over a deep foundation using piles or vibro concrete columns (VCCs) bearing on firmer strata below. Traditionally, expensive concrete rafts have been used to distribute the load evenly onto the piles – but usually the most economic solution is to construct a Load Transfer Platform (LTP).

How Tensar geogrids and Basetex can help

There are two types of design approach available for an LTP: Tensioned Membrane and the TensarTech Plateau. The Tensioned Membrane Load Transfer Platform is designed so the embankment is supported directly by two orthogonal layers of high strength Tensar Basetex geotextile spanning in catenary between the pile heads, and can use poorer quality fill. A TensarTech Plateau uses an enhanced arch mechanism developed within a granular mattress reinforced with layers of Tensar LTP geogrids to distribute load into the piles of VCC’s below.

Reducing settlement with Load Transfer Platforms

Constructing a Tensar Load Transfer Platform on a deep foundation can provide a number of benefits

Constructing a Tensar Load Transfer Platform on a deep foundation can provide a number of benefits:

  • Avoids the delay needed for consolidation settlement
  • Reduced costs: when compared with expensive concrete rafts or ground beams, an LTP can be more cost-effective
  • Faster construction: both types of LTP system can be rapid and economical to install
  • Ground bearing slabs: the TensarTech Plateau has been used directly below ground bearing floor slabs to shorten the design span and reduce the design requirement for a RC slab
  • A proven, reliable solution: using Tensar’s experience as the specialists in ground stabilisation provides its own advantage 

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