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Bridge Abutments

Many traditional options are available when constructing bridge abutments, frequently involving reinforced concrete and piling. For true versatility combined with significant reductions  in construction time and cost, however, the Tensartech range of Wall Systems uses uniaxial geogrids for soil reinforcement combined with concrete modular blocks. In many cases, the full bridge bank seat loading can be carried by the reinforced soil structure, but in the event of a need to support the bank seat on piles, the TensarTech Wall System can be detailed readily to accommodate these bearing piles, all while retaining the abutment fill.

    A wide range of options

    Using our 30 years of construction experience, design expertise and innovative geogrid products, Tensartech Wall Systems provide a number of facing types and construction options to suit the structure’s required design life and location. These include:

    • TensarTechTW1TW3, and Mesa modular block retaining wall systems made from high quality concrete, in a range of styles, colours and textures. The TW1 Link system offers the option to build an architectural, project specific masonry or brick skin which is connected to the Tensar block face.
    • TensarTech Panel, as either full height or incremental pre-cast concrete panels in a size, shape and finish, suiting the project specifications and aesthetic requirements
    • TensarTechRockWall  for the combination of lower cost fill in the reinforced soil block behind and the appearance of a traditional gabion face
    • TensarTech TR2  - a functional, low-cost structure that’s both quick and easy to erect, while also being suitable principally for temporary works structures 

    Whatever the project, we can help you

    Tensar’s innovative technology has been used all over the world, and a full range of case studies and brochures is available to assist in your choice. We can also provide full technical support including expert advice, specifications, drawings, certified designs and details of pricing, and we regularly organise and provide free reinforced soil design workshops across the globe.

    Reduce costs and save time with Tensar Technology

    Tensartech Wall Systems provide a number of facing types and construction options to suit the structure’s required design life and location.

    The benefits

    Whichever TensarTech Wall System is best for your bridge construction, the benefits remain uniform:

    • Long-term, proven design stability
    • Simple construction reducing cost and build times
    • Aesthetically appealing
    • Modular block systems, dry-laid without mortar
    • Easy creation of complex or curved geometry
    • A design life of up to 120 years
    • Most systems need neither crane lifts nor temporary propping
    • Possible to use site-won materials
    • May avoid the requirement for piling
    • High resistance to dynamic and seismic shock

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