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AuthorTensar International

DateDec 09 2016

Tensar’s new UK & Ireland Asphalt Reinforcement Manager Warren Perrin has had an immediate impact, securing a major order with a new customer, for Tensar’s Glasstex P100 geocomposite asphalt reinforcement solution, just days after joining the company.

“It has certainly been a very positive start,” said Warren, who has more than 25 years’ experience in the Asphalt contracting industry and who was previously General Manager for Tarmac’s South East region. “I was particularly pleased to win this order with Associated Asphalt, as we convinced the client to choose Glasstex as an alternative to the original specification.”

“The Glasstex installation was carried out at the start of December at Heathrow Airport by Foster Contracting, who has worked in partnership with Tensar on major road resurfacing projects across the South East over many years, including recently the M3, M25 and A2”.

“The South is where I have my strongest relationships, so I will be focusing initially on developing opportunities for both Tensar and Foster Contracting across the region. I joined Tensar to expand their knowledge of the asphalt industry and help the company meet its growth ambitions in the Highway sector.”

Warren joins Tensar’s Highways Team, which was created last year to support Tensar Road Technology: Tensar’s pavement optimisation and asphalt reinforcement solutions for road design and maintenance. For more information, visit