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AuthorTensar International

DateSep 07 2016

After the success of the first video we have now published the second and third videos in our 'Keeping you in the know' series which aims to answer the questions our sales team are asked most frequently.

These videos answer the following questions:

  • How do Tensar design using TriAx geogrids?
  • What evidence is there that TX190L outperforms biaxial geogrids in track ballast?

We will be launching a UK email and social media campaign to promote these over the coming months and are already working on translations to launch the first one outside of the UK and will continue work on this.

You can see these videos on both our YouTube channel and also on our website here:

Please support us in promoting these and make use of them where you can. 

If you have any questions then please contact your regional office or Tensar contact.