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Housing and Residential

Time-saving technology for home builders from Tensar

Rising land costs, tighter regulations and the increased use of marginal sites all requier developers to get as much as possible from both their budgets and their land banks. Tensar Technology can assist with making the most of all available land, as well as reducing costs, reducing materials and speeding up construction.

Retaining Walls - Attractive, durable, lower-cost

Steepened slopes and retaining walls can greatly assist with maximising the land space available. Our Tech Earth Retaining SystemsTensar can offer several advantages over more traditional methods:

  • With no specialist construction skills required, the system is quick and easy to install and can reduce build times and costs
  • The combination of modular concrete blocks and reinforcing geogrids is durable, strong and can offer a certified design life of up to 120 years
  • High retaining walls can usually be built without significant foundations, crane lifts or shuttering, allowing savings on cost and materials
  • Available in a range of attractive colours and aesthetic finishes

Creating a stable base to roads

Weak or variable ground may present a major challenge in road construction to most, but creating a mechanically stabilised layer using Tensar geogrids can provide significant cost, time and environmental benefits.

  • Capping and sub-base layers can be reduced up to 50% with no performance loss, reducing fill material and excavation costs, time on site and construction CO2 emissions
  • Differential settlement on variable ground or brownfield sites can be controlled using layers of geogrids to produce a flexurally stiff platform
  • Geogrids can be made use of to improve site access and increase the bearing capacity of working platforms for tracked plant, increasing safety and reducing time spent on-site

Environmental benefits

With less time on-site, less excavation and less aggregate needed, Tensar Technology can offer proven reductions in construction CO2 emissions compared to other, conventional methods. With the use of site-won recycled material stabilised with Tensar geogrids, the environmental benefits are even greater, as the structural fill is reduced – not to mention the economic savings from not requiring the removal of excavated material or the use of expensive, taxed aggregates.

Whatever your project, Tensar design can help

TensarTech Systems have been incorporated into residential and housing projects worldwide and a full range of case studies is available for review. Discover more by simply clicking on the links at the top of the page. Our experienced team of Civil Engineers also offers expert advice, specifications, drawings, certified designs and details of pricing. Additionally, we regularly run free workshops throughout the UK.

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